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( Jun. 30th, 2009 10:17 am)
Well lately my life just doesn't seem to stop very often - in between work (paid) and clinical (not paid) and assignments, oh and job applications, ah adn driving to Tannum Sands to see family I am becoming exhausted.  But worse still its all I seem to talk about.  I can hear myself doing it but can't stop myself!  Although today I am free!  I got to sleep in and be lazy this morning - hell its 10 and I'm not even dressed.  Later today  I am having lunch with my brother, seeing my Nana and probably a movie tonight.  Ok so I still have assignments and job applications I should be doing but I choose to ignore them today - its my day off =)
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( May. 4th, 2009 12:38 am)
So, at work we have been having some busy days and the customers have basically just been shitting me!  We are a cafe that has a breakfast and lunch menu - our food is in the eggs and bacon type meals, burgers, open grills, paninis, chips and salad range.  We also offer gluten free options.  We have a small kitchen, there is only 2 cooks on at a time, we can get really, really busy and customers can see us working.  I'm out lining this because I just don't think people understand.  The cafe can be full, people are rushed off their feet and customers still expect their food in less then 15 - 20 minutes.  Even when they have made some bullshit order they have made up from the top of their head.  Even when they make a bunch of requests that differ from our norm. 
And if we mess up your order some how?  Well actually I'm sure you can image.  Actually, even when we don't mess up the order - I have had customers complain.  The favourite is eggs - if you don't specify a level of hardness, they are given to you how they come out really
- we are not mind readers.  I have also had a message given to me that the 'chef' had neglected to fry the onions on a rib burger and put cheese on it - yes lady but that is because its how every rib burger at our cafe is made, oh and as this is a cafe not a restaurant there are not actual chefs working here.
On the other side of this coin are the patients I have had to deal with while on my clinical blocks.  It turns out that as a group patients, are as their name suggests - patient.  They are more friendly, forgiving of any mistakes, obedient and generally just so much better to intereact with.  Even when they are in pain, even though its their health
care, not just their luch that depends on me doing my job correctly.  

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( Apr. 15th, 2009 04:49 pm)
Hey, so I have a dreamwidth account because I can be kelly here - yah. My poor livejournal account is very disused at the moment as currently interesting things in my life are unfortunely few and far between. No worries - they are not suppose to be in great numbers - I have a last year of uni to pass =)
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( Nov. 22nd, 2008 06:53 pm)

So, week one of my clinical placement is over now and it has been both awesome and horrible.  I have spent the entire week in the emergency department - something that I was really looking forward to and basically the reason why I chose to go to the PA.  On monday after our tour and talking to I headed to the ED and less then half an hour later I was told there was a case for the student - a hand x-ray.  But the guy came in to the room on an ambulance trolley doctors, nurses and paramedics were in the room and then one of them puts a yellow bag on the trolley - the guy has had a circular saw incident =D 
'Are those his fingers in there?'
'Yes, do you want to look?'
*big grin* 'Yes!'
That's right guys I got to x-ray the guy's hand and then we went into the other room and x-rayed his fingers - all in a row.  So cool. 
I also go to see a guy who had pushed his head of femur through his acetabulum (the socket of the ball and socket joint), a procedure where there is contrast injected into a person's bladder via the urethra (ouch) and a multi-person trauma situation.  But a lot of the time there was nothing, which was boring and sometimes there were 2-3 radiographer's performing the x-ray, so I felt really in the way and unhelpful.  But next week I will be doing the ICU round and ortho clinic which should give me lots of practice, so yah.
Hmm, but now I am tired already.  I worked all day today and will do so again tomorrow - my next day off will be the 13th December.  It will be a long 4 weeks I feel.

That's right people - organisation will happen here today.  It has recently been bought to my attention that I fail at being responsible with a) important documents, b) useful documents, c) documents that I might like to keep and d) documents that I should never have kept and are now cluttering up the confusion that is my box of all the documents I have.  I have bought a filing box.  Documents will go in.  I have also extended this sudden craze to be organised and tidy to the rest of my room - I will have order.  Yesterday I built a chest of draws as well.  They were from Ikea - I needed help with that...
Anyway, my room is complete and total chaos at this particular moment in time and to make things extra interesting we have a house inspection today.  But I will not be put off by that - my game plan is to smile nicely through the trash and tell the guy that it is a work in progress.  Real estates forgive for that right - he wants to see walls without holes not neatness right?
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( Oct. 29th, 2008 08:54 am)

I was just walking down the hallway and realised I wanted to get something from the bathroom so I stopped and was about to turn around.  At the same time Mabel has realised I have left the bathroom and wants to come too - at a rather fast pace.  So she is galloping down the hall and then smacks head first into my shin!  It actually hurt my leg quite a bit so her poor little head must of taken a beating.  Yet I giggle - she was a bit huffy at first but now is out from under the bed and peeking over the computer.  I think she would be mad if she knew I was telling of her battering ram head. 
This is probably karma for us sent by the vet - she was slighlty chastising on the phone this morning as I explained that the kitten had in fact taken her own stiches out after she escaped from her cone while I was at work (lies - she got 2 out while we were letting her hang out with out her cone and we took the last one out ourselves because I got sick of her tragic looks.) 
So anyway, today I am going to see if I can get my hair cut off.   I have to spend the day not reading as this is all that I have been doing for my holidays - oh and of course work =p  I have read Nation by Terry Pratchett (everyone loves Terry Pratchett), Money Run by Jack Heath, who has used Hammond's name as a character, 48 shades of brown by Nick Earls, who I had forgotten how much I liked and the first 2 twilight books (huray for trash).  I have also started the third Eragon book - it looks long and I think he has been talking to Isabelle Carmody for ideas on how to draw out a story with useless side adventures.  This was suppose to be the last book but no, no there will be a 4th tome.  I will read them of course though.
Today the world is weird because I  woke up with curly hair.

In other news Mabel was desexed on Monday and yes of course she is trying to eat her stiches - she only has one left now =( But she looks cute / tragic with her little cone head. 
I am on holidays now as well - yeah I'm kind of bored.... 
So I am going to read Twighlight....
I know - its going to be trashy trash but I think it has excellent potential for the so bad its good catergory and yes folks I am wiling to go there =D

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( Oct. 11th, 2008 05:19 pm)

Prince Humperdinck: First things first, to the death.
Westley: No. To the pain.
Prince Humperdinck: I don't think I'm quite familiar with that phrase.
Westley: I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.
Prince Humperdinck: That may be the first time in my life a man has dared insult me.
Westley: It won't be the last. To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose.
Prince Humperdinck: And then my tongue I suppose, I killed you too quickly the last time. A mistake I don't mean to duplicate tonight.
Westley: I wasn't finished. The next thing you will lose will be your left eye followed by your right.
Prince Humperdinck: And then my ears, I understand let's get on with it.
Westley: WRONG. Your ears you keep and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God! What is that thing," will echo in your perfect ears. That is what to the pain means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.
Prince Humperdinck: I think your bluffing.
Westley: It's possible, Pig, I might be bluffing. It's conceivable, you miserable, vomitous mass, that I'm only lying here because I lack the strength to stand. But, then again... perhaps I have the strength after all.
[slowly rises and points sword directly at the prince]
Westley: DROP... YOUR... SWORD!
[mouth hanging open, drops sword to floor]
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( Oct. 8th, 2008 10:07 pm)
I now have 11 piercings =) 
Today was my last anatomy exam, hopefully for ever!  I am so happy to be done with anatomy that I will even take any passing grade she gives me and treasure it - I just do not want to ever see that woman (the bringer of pain, the asker of veiled questions, the bestower of stupidity) again.  I have 3 radiography prac exams tomorrow and friday which I should be studying for and also 9 critiques due on friday, of which I have completed 1 and one half of.  Oh boy.  I should be doing those things but let me tell you about my nose first.
I went with Adam (yes, better than a backyard abortion's one and only client) to get us some new piercings.  I now have bilateral nose studs and Adam got the same ear pierced again, this time through cartilage - I mention this because no one asked him about his other stud so there for I must have done a good job on it =)
Here is a picture.

In other news I have booked Mabel in to be desexed, microchipped and vacinated again - I am a good mother.
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( Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:44 am)
Well, this could be it for me - I have just explored a new career option for myself and it has been successful - piercer.  Oh yeah, I have just pierced Adam's ear  =D  With a darner's needle and salt water.  The first bit was quite easy - it was the second skin layer that was more challenging.  I really had to push hard to get it through that last bit.  The end result is not that shabby - a little crooked but not in a noticeable way.  (The back is a bit higher then the front)
Adam now has a rather fetching gold rimmed diamonte in his ear.  It turns out the lip ring he had provided was a little too think to be poking through so we had to resort to my earing selection.  Unfortunetly this is not a very large selection as when it comes to studs I really keep the same ones in so the rest are from like, high school.  They were not the most hygienic looking of jewllery and in the end I had to argue for the diamonte due to the fact it looked the cleanest.  Most likely due to the fact I really don't wear it ever (I think it is a remenant from my brother's wedding where I had to have gold earings).
I have decided on a name for my piercing shop - 'Better than a backyard abortion.'  So who is next I ask?

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( Sep. 29th, 2008 10:30 pm)

Oh what fun are the end of semester is.  Today I have been in a really bad mood as well so that didn't help a lot.  I think it was a combination of anatomy stress and growing head ache.  Although I felt ok during the day (and the weather was gorgeous), tonight my head was pain =(  The meds have kicked in now and I feel a lot better so will have to make up the lost study time.  Except I don't want to! 
But no, I only have 4 days to study for anatomy (of course work is stealing the others) so motivation must be mine. 
Ok, yep study time.
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( Sep. 26th, 2008 02:40 pm)

So I am suppose to be studying but am really just doing a fantastic job at avoiding it.  On the upside I have done laundry, kitchen cleaning and smoothie making in my new blender.  I picked out  the blender based on its redness.  I like it =)  Ok so I was trying to loss the underlining but have managed to just make it italic, bold and underlined.  Shit. 

Oh, look down here I can have normal text.  So yes, these are photos of Mabel - she is just cute all the time! She sleeps on my bed like all good cats should and follows the action around the house.  Today she has been 'helping' me study by eating the scrap paper and laying on my book.  Good job kitten.
Incidently my study / exam period has started today and I had my first exam yesterday - ultrasound =(  Actually it wasn't that bad - I think I did better then expected.  At the start of the exam the lecturer was so unorganised and uncaring for the exam that someone asked if we could not do the last question in jest.  She thought for a second and then declared that no, we didn't have to do it - scrap the last question, she didn't want to mark it anyway.  Best.  Lecturer.  Ever.  =D  This exam was more practice then anything anyway as if we don't do well it will not contibute to our final mark.  I am expecting that last question n the final though! 
Well I had better continue to do something useful towards passing university - I am not liking my current anatomy mark so need to not have to cram that.  sigh.


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( Sep. 17th, 2008 11:27 pm)
Ahh, my kitty is so gorgeous!!  So Mabel (her new name) has pretty much settled in here - she trots about the house and is not longer frightened of Izzy.  Izzy is still not feeling the love although!  She has a look of confusion and anger on her face all the time as she tries to work out why this little thing has invaded her home.  When Izzy hisses at Mabel now, Mabel hisses back!  No actual fighting has broken out though but Izzy took a little swipe at her when she sat on the red chair (the chair all cats love).  
I am spoiling Mabel already - she now has 2 cat toys, a cute food bowl, her own litter tray, special treat food and a cat play house thingy.  She slept on my face last night - oh she's so cute!  
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( Sep. 16th, 2008 12:08 am)

So this morning I got up and did my normal things - went to uni, took some x-rays, bought a kitten........
Yeah, I got a kitten - she was in need of a home and she was so cute I couldn't not take her home!  At the moment she is exploring the house and being very wary of Izzy but I am sure they will grow to love one another right??
Her name is currently Pearl but I'm not sure if I will keep it that or not - any name suggestions will be welcomed.  She is just off white with grey 'socks' and face - she is so gorgeous I can't believe nobody wanted her! 
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 07:10 am)
So I got a helix piercing last friday - through the cartilage that is.  For one week it was fine - I was taking good care of it (so I thought) and there was no swelling etc.  Then last friday angry ear =(  It started to hurt and then proceeded to swell up.  At first I thought - oh no infection and last night I looked for the internet for answers.  I found that swelling and redness could be normal as long as there was no grossness weeping from the piercing (sorry!).  Good news for me though as this describes my ear.  I also had confirmed that sleeping on it was a bad bad thing.  Ok so I ice pack my ear, make sure it is super clean and take extra special care not to sleep on that side.  Yet this morning when I woke up I had my full sleeping head weight on the damn ear.  Ahh, so that's why you are sore ear.    Stupid body - how do I make myself not sleep on that side???  Although the swelling is still less then it was yesterday - for now =( 
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( Aug. 20th, 2008 06:56 am)

Oh dear gods - its so cold!  I got up to get ready for my exam today but I've had to retreat back under a million blankets as its so freaking cold!!  Even the cat wants in on the warmth!  How am I suppose to go to uni and not freeze to death I ask? =(
Although I could just not go to my exam - I am like totally a cook to the stars now =p  Why the sudden rise in social fortune you ask?  Well, because I have reached the pinicle of my cookery carree - I have made lunch for Delta Goodrem.  And Delta's people - she made them all eat vegetarian.  At first I just felt sorry for them but after the 7th salad sandwhich I felt sorry for myself as well as I was quickly running out of ideas for them.  There is only so much you can do with veggies - and I like vegetarian food!  I was asked if I would like to also help deliver Delta's food, sadly I had to decline as the urge to run very fast from the shopping centre before she started to sing was too strong and I had to go home.

Time, you want more time?!?

Yes, yes!  Why is the semester so short and therefore so packed full of assignments, exams and bosses who want me to work millions of hours?  Its freakin mid semester all ready and I am so not ready - I have like 4 - 5 hours left to finish all the subject material before my exams today.  Tomorrow I am at work all day - well not quite but my boss wanted me to be!  I was asked to work open to close (like a 10 hour shift) to which I actually said yes to but when I also said I had an exam on wednesday he assured me he would try and work something out so I had to only do my regular sized shift.  Having said that if nothing can be found I still might have to do it.
So then my exam on wednesday - which I haven't even looked at a little bit yet - followed by all the assignments (4 I think), pracs for assessment (3-ish), one more mid semester at a later date and then that should take me up to end of semester.  In 6 weeks time.  I might go study now.
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( Aug. 15th, 2008 07:07 pm)

My Germany savings plan just started!  Thank you university you have finially noticed that I am broke and have given me a bursery for being so.  This money plus the small savings I have scraped together should cover one return ticket to Europe (if the flight is cheap!)  Huray - I am going to Germany =)

I have made a decision that is right now distracting me frm much needed study - I am going on holiday!  I had been all sad about my lack of travel in the past 2 years and years to come but then I realised that if I start saving now and plan to use my credit card a small amount I could probably not afford to travel for a month or so at the end of my degree.  Knowing I couldn't really afford to I have decided to go anyway!  I have my mind set on Germany - freezing weather and all - in November / December 2009.  I am now currently decided on my options instead of doing my anatomy study for my exam on Monday (ok not my finest academic hour but what is life with out the horrible panic of not enough study before the exam?)
First option is fly into Southern Germany (I have already been to Berlin) and do a loop of the area, maybe heading a little into Belgium / Amsterdam if I was sticking to the west.  
Second option is fly into London (I have seen some very cheap flights advertised and this has grabbed my attention!) and then take another cheap flight via Ryanair to Frankfurt (because that's where they go) and then make my way back to London either through Germany and France or head more northish to Amsterdam possibly to take another cheap flight back to London (I have not looked at this option in detail yet) .
The problem with these plans besides the money is the weather.  I really have to go at that time of year - after uni and before my PDY but I have travelled in the cold before and I am an art gallery / city girl so its not like I will be missing too much of the great outdoors.
I figure I will have to save like $3000 absolute minimum - my credit card will be getting used but this is worth it I feel.  I will have a full time job in the new year and I will go crazy if I don't have anything to look forward to in the mean time!  
Any thoughts, suggestions?

Oh I forgot my other exciting news - I am going to the PA for my clinical placement!  This is one of the 2 hospitals that deal with serious multi-trauma in Brisbane.  I should get to see some interesting things there!