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( May. 4th, 2009 12:38 am)
So, at work we have been having some busy days and the customers have basically just been shitting me!  We are a cafe that has a breakfast and lunch menu - our food is in the eggs and bacon type meals, burgers, open grills, paninis, chips and salad range.  We also offer gluten free options.  We have a small kitchen, there is only 2 cooks on at a time, we can get really, really busy and customers can see us working.  I'm out lining this because I just don't think people understand.  The cafe can be full, people are rushed off their feet and customers still expect their food in less then 15 - 20 minutes.  Even when they have made some bullshit order they have made up from the top of their head.  Even when they make a bunch of requests that differ from our norm. 
And if we mess up your order some how?  Well actually I'm sure you can image.  Actually, even when we don't mess up the order - I have had customers complain.  The favourite is eggs - if you don't specify a level of hardness, they are given to you how they come out really
- we are not mind readers.  I have also had a message given to me that the 'chef' had neglected to fry the onions on a rib burger and put cheese on it - yes lady but that is because its how every rib burger at our cafe is made, oh and as this is a cafe not a restaurant there are not actual chefs working here.
On the other side of this coin are the patients I have had to deal with while on my clinical blocks.  It turns out that as a group patients, are as their name suggests - patient.  They are more friendly, forgiving of any mistakes, obedient and generally just so much better to intereact with.  Even when they are in pain, even though its their health
care, not just their luch that depends on me doing my job correctly.  



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