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([personal profile] kelly Oct. 8th, 2008 10:07 pm)
I now have 11 piercings =) 
Today was my last anatomy exam, hopefully for ever!  I am so happy to be done with anatomy that I will even take any passing grade she gives me and treasure it - I just do not want to ever see that woman (the bringer of pain, the asker of veiled questions, the bestower of stupidity) again.  I have 3 radiography prac exams tomorrow and friday which I should be studying for and also 9 critiques due on friday, of which I have completed 1 and one half of.  Oh boy.  I should be doing those things but let me tell you about my nose first.
I went with Adam (yes, better than a backyard abortion's one and only client) to get us some new piercings.  I now have bilateral nose studs and Adam got the same ear pierced again, this time through cartilage - I mention this because no one asked him about his other stud so there for I must have done a good job on it =)
Here is a picture.

In other news I have booked Mabel in to be desexed, microchipped and vacinated again - I am a good mother.
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