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([personal profile] kelly Sep. 26th, 2008 02:40 pm)

So I am suppose to be studying but am really just doing a fantastic job at avoiding it.  On the upside I have done laundry, kitchen cleaning and smoothie making in my new blender.  I picked out  the blender based on its redness.  I like it =)  Ok so I was trying to loss the underlining but have managed to just make it italic, bold and underlined.  Shit. 

Oh, look down here I can have normal text.  So yes, these are photos of Mabel - she is just cute all the time! She sleeps on my bed like all good cats should and follows the action around the house.  Today she has been 'helping' me study by eating the scrap paper and laying on my book.  Good job kitten.
Incidently my study / exam period has started today and I had my first exam yesterday - ultrasound =(  Actually it wasn't that bad - I think I did better then expected.  At the start of the exam the lecturer was so unorganised and uncaring for the exam that someone asked if we could not do the last question in jest.  She thought for a second and then declared that no, we didn't have to do it - scrap the last question, she didn't want to mark it anyway.  Best.  Lecturer.  Ever.  =D  This exam was more practice then anything anyway as if we don't do well it will not contibute to our final mark.  I am expecting that last question n the final though! 
Well I had better continue to do something useful towards passing university - I am not liking my current anatomy mark so need to not have to cram that.  sigh.


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