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([personal profile] kelly Sep. 17th, 2008 11:27 pm)
Ahh, my kitty is so gorgeous!!  So Mabel (her new name) has pretty much settled in here - she trots about the house and is not longer frightened of Izzy.  Izzy is still not feeling the love although!  She has a look of confusion and anger on her face all the time as she tries to work out why this little thing has invaded her home.  When Izzy hisses at Mabel now, Mabel hisses back!  No actual fighting has broken out though but Izzy took a little swipe at her when she sat on the red chair (the chair all cats love).  
I am spoiling Mabel already - she now has 2 cat toys, a cute food bowl, her own litter tray, special treat food and a cat play house thingy.  She slept on my face last night - oh she's so cute!  
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