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( Aug. 5th, 2008 11:21 pm)
 What do you do when you are very tired, in need of a lot of sleep and really have to do your assignment?  Well you watch 11 episodes of Angelic Layer of course....................

I will probably never learn =/
Haha - I just went to the shop and while there I saw a woman holding a stick - with Ashgrove kindergarten written on it =)  
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( Jul. 21st, 2008 07:42 am)
Today = the first day of uni.  
In recap my holidays were short.  I moved into Hammond and Adam's place officially and worked lots, sadly to save nothing - it all went to rent and bond.  Again, sadly I think it is time to kiss away the bond from Bond street - not that I had high hopes of every seeing that money again but still it would have been helpful!  Because I need to have at least some savings behind me for clinical placement I am actually happy about working a 36 hour week for the first week of uni and hopefully will get plenty of hours next week as well - I need the hours at the start of the semester so I can relax them a little toward the end.  Uni stress for the next 12 ish weeks should be just grand =p
I am also pleased to anounce that this is truely the start of my 'second half'.  Half of my degree is done and also half of the time I have to complete to become a radiographer is done - this is different to the actual course time when you count the 1 year of physics I did to get into the degree and the year of being a graduate radiographer I must complete after the degree is finished - from the end of 5 years I will emerge ready to travel!   Except I will be old =0  But still mobile so huray!
Jacky must be in Ireland by now I feel - not sure because as of yet no word from her - not that I really expected anything - she will write when she is all sorted I think.  Well she had better anyway!  Her send off was a good weekend and what was really holiday time for me - I got a tattoo of course =) and we went to Picasso and had lunch with family.  Meet Brad's girlfrind aswell and as a twist she seems normal and nice!  (sorry - Brad does have a tendancy for the crazies).
So, I guess this is where I am at - the half way point.  I would like to say I am feeling enthusiastic and encouraged by this but really I am thinking 'another 2 and a half years??'.   Ok, I know, I know - it will be over before I know it but 5 years is a long time!  It is all of my late twenties!  Agh - my twenties have gone!  Shoot.
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( Jul. 7th, 2008 07:27 am)
Yesterday was an good day!  Hammond, Adam and I started the day with French toast (our famous Sunday breakfast) and then we cleaned house.  I know - that doesn't sound so great but it is now our house and that makes it grand!  We moved all the rooms around so now the dining room is the lounge room, the lounge room is the dining / reading room, the sun room is Izzy's, the boys moved into the "master bedroom"  and I have a room of my very own =)  With a bed and chest of draws - ahh, the luxury of furniture.
Also our free washing machine arrived with my microwave and rug from home.  All was bought down by friends of mum and dad for the wonderful cost of a box of chocolates - thank you, thank you!
Plus - do I dare boast?  Uni results are out....   Ok - I have 7's for everything I could get 7's in!  Hurray!  The other marks are a 'satisfactory' for my pass or fail clinical stint but no mark as yet for the half subject I did - that mark will be at the end of the year.  I am extra special happy for my radiography mark.   I was worried that I had focussed too much time on anatomy and left too little for radiography - the most important subject I feel as you know, that will be my job but in the end it is my highest percent =)  Although next semester I plan not to have that worry by not neglecting it at all in the first place!
So I am very content with life at the moment - tucked up in bed, in my new room, in my new house, with my awesome housemates! 
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( Jun. 22nd, 2008 04:26 pm)
The rules: Write the following on a piece of paper and scan it in or photograph it and post it.
  1. Your name and/or username
  2. Lefty/righty?
  3. Letters you like to write
  4. Letters you don't like to write
  5. Write "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"
  6. Tag 5 people
My handwriting )

Aghh! Jumper over the lazy dog? Clearly it is too cold and my brain is frozen - I am thinking of jumpers to keep me warm =) Or I am just a bit stupid!

So I should be studying but clearly I am not so why not do this instead.  

You know how sometimes people on your Friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy mine below, erase my answers putting yours in their place then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration! One-word answers seldom help anyone out.

1. First Name: Kelly

2. Age: Oh god - 28 now

3. Location: Brisbane

4. Occupation:  short order cook / waitress at a cafe but am studying to look at your bones via radiation

5. Partner:  oh so single

6. Kids: Not for me

7. Brothers/Sisters: I have two older brothers - Dan - in the UK with a family and Lindsay - using the old trick of free parental accommodation to get his own house built

8. Pets: my poor old kitty cat at my parents house in Tannum Sands - she is 17 years old now =(  Although I do have Izzy, Hammond's kitty keeping my feet warm right now.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life: 

Exams, exams, exams - I want to do well but think I am loosing a lot of motavation toward my study.  Just want to hurry up and get a real job now!
Kind of between houses at the moment.  Had to move out of west end but didn't want the stress of finding a new place to live place in the middle of my exams so Hammond and Adam were fantastic enough to allow me to crash at their house.  Actually here I have a bed and am fed quite well so they may have trouble getting me out!
Job decisions - I was seriously thinking of looking for a new job in the holidays but may have changed my mind now due to extreme guilt.  My boss has told me how wonderful I am at this job and how he does not want to loose me as an employee.  I may also be able to change to different store and work more in the kitchen there, which I prefer to do.  So for now I am waiting and watching.
Add lack of money to the list and here we have the picture of a sad woman - single, broke, homeless and lack of job satisfaction - thank god for friends hey!

10. Where and for what did you go to school for?:  Started in environmental science at UQ - failure!  Did a baker / pastry chef apprentiship through TAFE - bored now.  One year of a physics degree at CQU - that was only to get into the next one though.  Which is my current uni stint - radiography at QUT.

11. Parents?:  Annette and Fred - mum works at a childcare centre in Tannum Sands and dad I think is going to the Solomon Islands again soon for his work. 

12. Who are some of your closest friends?:  Jacky, my cousin has to be my oldest, closest friend - she is my age and we have grown up together.  Hammond and Adders are my saviours at the moment, they always make me smile!  Hammond along with Karen make uni bearable and keep reminding me that life does produce wonderful people.  
I don't keep in contact with Diana as much as I should but I always have my eye out for her updates and wanted to make mention of this wonderful girl (hi!) as I am endlessly grateful for her Queer as Folk reviews, news from the other side of the world, all the travel photos and many kind words in responce to my sulks!     

Ok I should really really study now.

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( Jun. 14th, 2008 09:56 am)

Yes, anatomy for semester 3 is over and sorted.  I do not have boundless confidence that I have done well but I do feel about the same as I have for every other anatomy exam so hopefully I have retained my grade.  Now I just have pathology, general radiography and radiographic eqipment to cram for!

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( Jun. 8th, 2008 11:17 pm)
 I admit it - I am tired today about handing over more money to the sink hole that is Bond st.  First extra rent, now cleaners.  The cleaner turned out to be needed as a) neither Kim nor I have a vacuum cleaner, b) there was just too much for us to do by ourselves at this time due to exams and work and c) the real estate wants carpet cleaning and flea treatment done anyway.   Add this to the dint in my car and you have a very expensive 6 months =(
Petty to complain - yes it is but it seems I am doing it anyway.
In better news I had some birthday celebrations on saturday - the parents were here and we went to the bookfest as mentioned before were I found a lovely old copy of Pride and Prejudice (my 3rd or 4th one now I think!) which has its own box and a very cute copy of Northanger Abby which is hard bound  in green and small.  I love them =)  I now own 3 old copies of Jane Austen novels - I seem to beginning a collection.  The other is my blue bound Mansfield Park that I paid a ridiculous 25 pounds for at the Jane Austin museum - in reality it is probably worth $2 but I like it!
I also scored a set of magazine type books on the great artists - all there except number one, Van Gogh - he is MIA.  One day I might have to track him down to complete the set....
I also got a camera for my birthday - huray.  I am yet to investigate its magic completely as I am suppose to be studying (and I am - somethimes)  We had nice lunch aswell at the Gun Shop cafe (pricey but nice) and then got all cultural by going to the art gallery and museums.  Lindsay and I wanted to see the science museum but you have to pay to get in - only free culture will be had by us thank you very much.  
GOMA had many disturbing pieces which prompted my dad to conclude that artists today were all messed up.  I beg to differ in my opinion - I think too much emphasis today is placed on big, bold, shocking, loud - so much is blasted in front of our faces that a lot of subtlety has been lost from art and I guess, life.  It is sad in a way.  
Today was work again - blah.  Tomorrow there will be studying and Tuesday (here comes my worst news) I have to open the cafe.  At 7am.   I will have to leave at 6am-ish.  It will be cold and I will be very tired.  I am still firmly a night person.
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( Jun. 6th, 2008 10:49 am)

As always with this time of year I am hanging out for the end of exams.  It will be more exciting this time though as not only will I be half way through my course but I am just so over uni at the moment that when the end rocks around drinking and celebrating will be done.  
Oh and then house hunting and job hunting.  
Parents will be here this weekend and up until the day on which my birthday used to fall (it has been cancelled this year).  We are going to the lifeline bookfest where I will feel guilty about a) not studying and b) spending money I can not afford so that sould be fun =p  I must also schedule in cleaning and moving of the last of my stuff into Hammond's room (sigh).  Oh and going to work again - a third shift this week despite the fact I repeated several times to them I only wanted 2 shifts max.  Count them - 1, 2.  
So why I am wasting time on the internet is beyond me.....

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( May. 3rd, 2008 08:23 am)
I am really tired and do not want to do my exam.  I want to go back to bed.  I am not a natural student!  But I am going to damn well do this dumb exam, I am going to do well and I am going to do my PD year in 2010 and then I am going to travel again.  I have a plan - I am the (wo)man with the plan =) 
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( Apr. 7th, 2008 08:23 pm)

What the Hell?  The Hakeka scale has been reversed!  Hammond is making me study and Karen has become unfocused and was staring into space instead of doing anatomy prac.  I am scared.  If I venture too far from home I am convinced fish will rain from the sky and birds will begin emerging from underground.  
I am trying to maintain a degree of normality by pretending to study - I am drawing some pictures (bones of course) and making scabulous moves but also starting to cram a few things in to my poor hurt brain.  
In other scary news I have finished an assignment 6 days early.  This beats my previous record of 5 hours.  I thought it was due today - turns out no, it is really due on Friday.  Stupidity finially works in my favour. 

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( Apr. 4th, 2008 02:45 pm)

Uni is totally underway again.  It feels like I never had holidays.   By this I mean I have assignments due, I am behind in anatomy and I am spending more money then I make!  This semester I have 2 subjects that will suck all my time away instead of just the one (anatomy).  Pathology makes you think hard.  Damn pathology - except I like it.  And actually I am enjoying anatomy more again now it is more bone focussed.  Skeletal system is definelty my favourite.  Except ossification centre timing - that sucks arse. 
I have been walking to uni this year as now I live a fine 30 minute stroll away instead of the 10 min walk, 30 min train ride and second 10 min walk.  I can either cut through southbank and see cute birdies or for an extra 10 mins onto the trip I can walk past all the coffee shops in west end and take the Victoria bridge across the river, instead of the Goodwill.  I do believe in winter I will take the longer option and walk with a coffee in hand =D  So I am feeling very pleased with myself and my only annoyance is that my shins hurt and I am extra hungry on walking days!  So what I save on bus fair I spend on food, hmm I'm hungry.
Other happy news is that today I had a day off - yah!  I lazed about this morning and then went to Cibo for lunch and study time.  This is definetly something that I will continue to do.  Ok, so it is expensive - today I spent like $15 there but I got a nice chunk of study done and it makes like happy to be having coffee and cafe food.  Maybe this can be my Friday afternoon thing as I only have the one lecture on fridays anyway.  Cool.

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( Mar. 21st, 2008 08:43 pm)
Take a deep breath in and hold it.  Ok now breathe normally.  4 weeks down and only 4 days to go  now in my last week of clinical placement.  I was totally worn out but now that I have had a day off to recover the world seems a nicer place.  I feel quite pleased with how I have gone - I have signed off on 4 things - hands, feet, knees and chests.  If you need any of those x-rayed I am your girl =)  As there are 2 more students arriving on Tuesday we are essentially being asked to find ourselves somewhere out of the general area to go so for our last week it will be one day each in CT, MRI, ultrasound and ED.  This will equal bludge I feel as most of the time we will be observing.  At least I might be rested before uni starts. 

Today and last night have been spent watching stuff - Black books here at home and at Hammond's, Dexter and Neon Gen.  I love all of the above.  Now that I have been watching a little bit of Anime I want more =D  I could easily slip into fandom again and I kind of really want to go to Supernova - I would buy.  That might be bad.  I also keep looking at - anime stuff for reasonable prices.  I want more money please.  

Tomorrow I have to work but that is ok because there will be public holiday rates - yah!  If this is double time (please please please) I won't even loose a days pay for the Sunday I will have off.  Over all Easter is turning out to be all good.  So now I am going to watch more Black Books =)
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( Mar. 5th, 2008 07:15 am)
Oh so busy now - with Clinical and cafe job and assignment I have to start tonight so can hand in on Friday.  But quickly - I'm haveing a great time with the x-rays =)  I've been to theatre and flown solo on the easy projections.  I feel so competent!   But right at this time now I am late.  I must leave in 3 mins so have to brush teeth, put on shoes.......  ok bye now. 
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( Feb. 25th, 2008 10:12 pm)
Well today was my first at Logan Hospital and in honour of the occasion my cousin Jacky has fallen and needs an x-ray on her foot.  Yah - interesting =)  Unfortunetly she lives in Gladstone so will be seeing none of her sore foot around these parts.  
But yes, I have completed my first day of clinical for 2nd year.  I am with another student this time which is great because during our introductory talk where the supervisor was telling us he expected us to take x-rays - by our selves(.....??!) - I was sitting there ever so quietly freaking out.  It then turned out I was not alone - Amy was feeling the same way.  I don't know how to take a bloody x-ray!  I've done a year of uni where we played around with bits of people stuck in plaster molds.  And that was like 3 months ago - I don't remember the finer details, like centering point and you know what projections show what.  No, sir I can not take that elbow for you - I bearly remember how to move the machine.  Ok, so it wasn't that bad, although I love and cherish supervision - please don't leave me qualified person.
In macarbe news - I found the most interesting x-rays performed were on a dead neonate.  I wasn't allowed to see what the radiographer was doing but I got to see the x-rays on the computer.  You could see what bones had started to form.  
Ok I have to get some sleep now as I won't have any catch up days if I get too tired and I want to be fresh so my poor brain will retain al the information I am trying to force into it. 
But hopefully my own mind is stronger and I will not develope the sudden need to get my tits out and scream abuse at others I do not find to my liking.  So far all appears to be ok.....
Huzzah, I have been to the Big Day Out and it was 99% fantastic.  This is a result I am very happy with - the minus 1% is for the Rage Against the Machine fans who are drunken revolting pigs.  I love Rage but I did not love the hoards of obnoxious sub-people they unfortunetly seem to attract.  I really wanted to see them but I was not enjoying being stuck in between a bunch of shirtless, sweaty and smelly guys screaming the lyrics.  I could not see the band at all and could not hear a great deal either.  This to me was not seeing a live act - it was hearing some distant music in an unpleasent enviroment.  So we went to see Paul Kelly - he was really good.
Augie March were all kinds of awesome.  I love Augie March now more then ever and will be going to all the concerts of their's that I can.  Cut off your hands were also better then I imagined.  The whole day was pretty fantastic with only that slight hitch.  
And today I feel tiredness that is expected of me =)
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( Jan. 20th, 2008 12:04 am)

Hey hey, it is officially the Big Day Out Day.  I will of course be starting today by going to bed so I can sleep before attending the many great bands.  Our orderly departure has been slightly disturbed but hopefully not broken.  We begin by picking Hammond up at 9am - sharp Hammond, sharp.  Be prepared.  Weeesss-llley.
We will then be driving to the Gold Coast, arriving on time and being well hydrated =)  I have no time table for the day but will be keeping my eye out for the bands I really want to see - those being Augie March, Faker and Rage Against the Machine.  Rage will be particularly exciting because they are one of the bands that I thought I would never get to see - and now I will.  Awesome.
The only sad news in my life at the moment is that while I was able to obtain butleron's (from clone high) voice say "weeeesss-llley" on my phone I am unable to set it as my message alert.  This is a sad event indeed.

I am currently stuck under Nami.  I tried to give her the whole red chair  to herself but she knows my desk chair is hers and if I want to sit on it, then I will have to be then sat on.   
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( Jan. 11th, 2008 12:10 am)
 Ah-ha 2008 has arrived and I have a whole new-ish life to match =)  I have said my good byes to the cats in Sunnybank Hills, that is moved out of my Aunt's place and into a share house in West End, where I have said hello to three West End kitties.  I feel so grown up now - I have my own little place in the world.  It even has a chair.  A red chair =D  And the internet.  This I guess this leaves me with out excuses as to why I do not update...
Although I could plead being over worked.  I have been doing full time at the cafe as we are down a staff member which is actually good for the state of my net worth, but alas I am uni student and thus disgruntled at regular work hours.  
In other news I have a pretty new fish which is under the watchful eyes of Jangles as I type.  (Jangles = cat)  He wishes nothing more in his life then to eat the fish.  Sawyer ( = another cat) also sees the fish as dinner.  The poor little thing is going to traumatised.  I have to make a special effort to remember to keep the fish on top of the cupboard when I am not in the room.  I just hope the cats don't learn how to jump that high. I pretty sure Jangles is contemplating how to do this right now...

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( Nov. 22nd, 2007 03:56 pm)

Huray - Muse were all kinds of fantastic in concert =)  I am so happy I bought tickets and have forgotten all about not being able to afford them.   I am sitting at the highly over priced internet cafe at carindale - the lovely free internet at the library was all being used =(  Ok so now I miss uni for the free internet.
I am also bored on holidays all ready.  I wish we could do our clinical placement over all the holidays on like 1 or 2 days a week - that would be great as I could still go to work and not be so out of anything to do for 3 months. 
I am looking forward to big day out nor a lot =)