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([personal profile] kelly Oct. 29th, 2008 08:54 am)

I was just walking down the hallway and realised I wanted to get something from the bathroom so I stopped and was about to turn around.  At the same time Mabel has realised I have left the bathroom and wants to come too - at a rather fast pace.  So she is galloping down the hall and then smacks head first into my shin!  It actually hurt my leg quite a bit so her poor little head must of taken a beating.  Yet I giggle - she was a bit huffy at first but now is out from under the bed and peeking over the computer.  I think she would be mad if she knew I was telling of her battering ram head. 
This is probably karma for us sent by the vet - she was slighlty chastising on the phone this morning as I explained that the kitten had in fact taken her own stiches out after she escaped from her cone while I was at work (lies - she got 2 out while we were letting her hang out with out her cone and we took the last one out ourselves because I got sick of her tragic looks.) 
So anyway, today I am going to see if I can get my hair cut off.   I have to spend the day not reading as this is all that I have been doing for my holidays - oh and of course work =p  I have read Nation by Terry Pratchett (everyone loves Terry Pratchett), Money Run by Jack Heath, who has used Hammond's name as a character, 48 shades of brown by Nick Earls, who I had forgotten how much I liked and the first 2 twilight books (huray for trash).  I have also started the third Eragon book - it looks long and I think he has been talking to Isabelle Carmody for ideas on how to draw out a story with useless side adventures.  This was suppose to be the last book but no, no there will be a 4th tome.  I will read them of course though.


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