Well, this could be it for me - I have just explored a new career option for myself and it has been successful - piercer.  Oh yeah, I have just pierced Adam's ear  =D  With a darner's needle and salt water.  The first bit was quite easy - it was the second skin layer that was more challenging.  I really had to push hard to get it through that last bit.  The end result is not that shabby - a little crooked but not in a noticeable way.  (The back is a bit higher then the front)
Adam now has a rather fetching gold rimmed diamonte in his ear.  It turns out the lip ring he had provided was a little too think to be poking through so we had to resort to my earing selection.  Unfortunetly this is not a very large selection as when it comes to studs I really keep the same ones in so the rest are from like, high school.  They were not the most hygienic looking of jewllery and in the end I had to argue for the diamonte due to the fact it looked the cleanest.  Most likely due to the fact I really don't wear it ever (I think it is a remenant from my brother's wedding where I had to have gold earings).
I have decided on a name for my piercing shop - 'Better than a backyard abortion.'  So who is next I ask?

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