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([personal profile] kelly Sep. 7th, 2008 07:10 am)
So I got a helix piercing last friday - through the cartilage that is.  For one week it was fine - I was taking good care of it (so I thought) and there was no swelling etc.  Then last friday angry ear =(  It started to hurt and then proceeded to swell up.  At first I thought - oh no infection and last night I looked for the internet for answers.  I found that swelling and redness could be normal as long as there was no grossness weeping from the piercing (sorry!).  Good news for me though as this describes my ear.  I also had confirmed that sleeping on it was a bad bad thing.  Ok so I ice pack my ear, make sure it is super clean and take extra special care not to sleep on that side.  Yet this morning when I woke up I had my full sleeping head weight on the damn ear.  Ahh, so that's why you are sore ear.    Stupid body - how do I make myself not sleep on that side???  Although the swelling is still less then it was yesterday - for now =( 
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