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([personal profile] kelly Aug. 20th, 2008 06:56 am)

Oh dear gods - its so cold!  I got up to get ready for my exam today but I've had to retreat back under a million blankets as its so freaking cold!!  Even the cat wants in on the warmth!  How am I suppose to go to uni and not freeze to death I ask? =(
Although I could just not go to my exam - I am like totally a cook to the stars now =p  Why the sudden rise in social fortune you ask?  Well, because I have reached the pinicle of my cookery carree - I have made lunch for Delta Goodrem.  And Delta's people - she made them all eat vegetarian.  At first I just felt sorry for them but after the 7th salad sandwhich I felt sorry for myself as well as I was quickly running out of ideas for them.  There is only so much you can do with veggies - and I like vegetarian food!  I was asked if I would like to also help deliver Delta's food, sadly I had to decline as the urge to run very fast from the shopping centre before she started to sing was too strong and I had to go home.

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LOL, you really aren't much of a fan are you? Just hope TJ doesn't see this entry *wink*
But hey, a brush with fame. And did you come up with any good veggie sandwich varieties? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

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I am sad to say the last thing I made was cheese and tomato! I was sick of it at that point.
It was a stupid day - the morning was really quiet because there was a horrible care bears show and then lunch was busy. So by the time I had to organise her food I was trying to do the orders aswell and it was starting to get crazy with the coffees because our cafe looks over the stage so people come to watch from there. But she was singing at 4 in the afternoon - we are trying to clean up then. I had to run as I had opened the kitchen so I wanted to be well clear before anyone was tempted to ask me to stay over time! I have mid-semesters - I had to study =p


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