Time, you want more time?!?

Yes, yes!  Why is the semester so short and therefore so packed full of assignments, exams and bosses who want me to work millions of hours?  Its freakin mid semester all ready and I am so not ready - I have like 4 - 5 hours left to finish all the subject material before my exams today.  Tomorrow I am at work all day - well not quite but my boss wanted me to be!  I was asked to work open to close (like a 10 hour shift) to which I actually said yes to but when I also said I had an exam on wednesday he assured me he would try and work something out so I had to only do my regular sized shift.  Having said that if nothing can be found I still might have to do it.
So then my exam on wednesday - which I haven't even looked at a little bit yet - followed by all the assignments (4 I think), pracs for assessment (3-ish), one more mid semester at a later date and then that should take me up to end of semester.  In 6 weeks time.  I might go study now.
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