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( Nov. 22nd, 2008 06:53 pm)

So, week one of my clinical placement is over now and it has been both awesome and horrible.  I have spent the entire week in the emergency department - something that I was really looking forward to and basically the reason why I chose to go to the PA.  On monday after our tour and talking to I headed to the ED and less then half an hour later I was told there was a case for the student - a hand x-ray.  But the guy came in to the room on an ambulance trolley doctors, nurses and paramedics were in the room and then one of them puts a yellow bag on the trolley - the guy has had a circular saw incident =D 
'Are those his fingers in there?'
'Yes, do you want to look?'
*big grin* 'Yes!'
That's right guys I got to x-ray the guy's hand and then we went into the other room and x-rayed his fingers - all in a row.  So cool. 
I also go to see a guy who had pushed his head of femur through his acetabulum (the socket of the ball and socket joint), a procedure where there is contrast injected into a person's bladder via the urethra (ouch) and a multi-person trauma situation.  But a lot of the time there was nothing, which was boring and sometimes there were 2-3 radiographer's performing the x-ray, so I felt really in the way and unhelpful.  But next week I will be doing the ICU round and ortho clinic which should give me lots of practice, so yah.
Hmm, but now I am tired already.  I worked all day today and will do so again tomorrow - my next day off will be the 13th December.  It will be a long 4 weeks I feel.


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