That's right people - organisation will happen here today.  It has recently been bought to my attention that I fail at being responsible with a) important documents, b) useful documents, c) documents that I might like to keep and d) documents that I should never have kept and are now cluttering up the confusion that is my box of all the documents I have.  I have bought a filing box.  Documents will go in.  I have also extended this sudden craze to be organised and tidy to the rest of my room - I will have order.  Yesterday I built a chest of draws as well.  They were from Ikea - I needed help with that...
Anyway, my room is complete and total chaos at this particular moment in time and to make things extra interesting we have a house inspection today.  But I will not be put off by that - my game plan is to smile nicely through the trash and tell the guy that it is a work in progress.  Real estates forgive for that right - he wants to see walls without holes not neatness right?


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