I have made a decision that is right now distracting me frm much needed study - I am going on holiday!  I had been all sad about my lack of travel in the past 2 years and years to come but then I realised that if I start saving now and plan to use my credit card a small amount I could probably not afford to travel for a month or so at the end of my degree.  Knowing I couldn't really afford to I have decided to go anyway!  I have my mind set on Germany - freezing weather and all - in November / December 2009.  I am now currently decided on my options instead of doing my anatomy study for my exam on Monday (ok not my finest academic hour but what is life with out the horrible panic of not enough study before the exam?)
First option is fly into Southern Germany (I have already been to Berlin) and do a loop of the area, maybe heading a little into Belgium / Amsterdam if I was sticking to the west.  
Second option is fly into London (I have seen some very cheap flights advertised and this has grabbed my attention!) and then take another cheap flight via Ryanair to Frankfurt (because that's where they go) and then make my way back to London either through Germany and France or head more northish to Amsterdam possibly to take another cheap flight back to London (I have not looked at this option in detail yet) .
The problem with these plans besides the money is the weather.  I really have to go at that time of year - after uni and before my PDY but I have travelled in the cold before and I am an art gallery / city girl so its not like I will be missing too much of the great outdoors.
I figure I will have to save like $3000 absolute minimum - my credit card will be getting used but this is worth it I feel.  I will have a full time job in the new year and I will go crazy if I don't have anything to look forward to in the mean time!  
Any thoughts, suggestions?

Oh I forgot my other exciting news - I am going to the PA for my clinical placement!  This is one of the 2 hospitals that deal with serious multi-trauma in Brisbane.  I should get to see some interesting things there!
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( Aug. 15th, 2008 07:07 pm)

My Germany savings plan just started!  Thank you university you have finially noticed that I am broke and have given me a bursery for being so.  This money plus the small savings I have scraped together should cover one return ticket to Europe (if the flight is cheap!)  Huray - I am going to Germany =)



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