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( Jul. 21st, 2008 07:42 am)
Today = the first day of uni.  
In recap my holidays were short.  I moved into Hammond and Adam's place officially and worked lots, sadly to save nothing - it all went to rent and bond.  Again, sadly I think it is time to kiss away the bond from Bond street - not that I had high hopes of every seeing that money again but still it would have been helpful!  Because I need to have at least some savings behind me for clinical placement I am actually happy about working a 36 hour week for the first week of uni and hopefully will get plenty of hours next week as well - I need the hours at the start of the semester so I can relax them a little toward the end.  Uni stress for the next 12 ish weeks should be just grand =p
I am also pleased to anounce that this is truely the start of my 'second half'.  Half of my degree is done and also half of the time I have to complete to become a radiographer is done - this is different to the actual course time when you count the 1 year of physics I did to get into the degree and the year of being a graduate radiographer I must complete after the degree is finished - from the end of 5 years I will emerge ready to travel!   Except I will be old =0  But still mobile so huray!
Jacky must be in Ireland by now I feel - not sure because as of yet no word from her - not that I really expected anything - she will write when she is all sorted I think.  Well she had better anyway!  Her send off was a good weekend and what was really holiday time for me - I got a tattoo of course =) and we went to Picasso and had lunch with family.  Meet Brad's girlfrind aswell and as a twist she seems normal and nice!  (sorry - Brad does have a tendancy for the crazies).
So, I guess this is where I am at - the half way point.  I would like to say I am feeling enthusiastic and encouraged by this but really I am thinking 'another 2 and a half years??'.   Ok, I know, I know - it will be over before I know it but 5 years is a long time!  It is all of my late twenties!  Agh - my twenties have gone!  Shoot.
Haha - I just went to the shop and while there I saw a woman holding a stick - with Ashgrove kindergarten written on it =)  


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