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( Jul. 7th, 2008 07:27 am)
Yesterday was an good day!  Hammond, Adam and I started the day with French toast (our famous Sunday breakfast) and then we cleaned house.  I know - that doesn't sound so great but it is now our house and that makes it grand!  We moved all the rooms around so now the dining room is the lounge room, the lounge room is the dining / reading room, the sun room is Izzy's, the boys moved into the "master bedroom"  and I have a room of my very own =)  With a bed and chest of draws - ahh, the luxury of furniture.
Also our free washing machine arrived with my microwave and rug from home.  All was bought down by friends of mum and dad for the wonderful cost of a box of chocolates - thank you, thank you!
Plus - do I dare boast?  Uni results are out....   Ok - I have 7's for everything I could get 7's in!  Hurray!  The other marks are a 'satisfactory' for my pass or fail clinical stint but no mark as yet for the half subject I did - that mark will be at the end of the year.  I am extra special happy for my radiography mark.   I was worried that I had focussed too much time on anatomy and left too little for radiography - the most important subject I feel as you know, that will be my job but in the end it is my highest percent =)  Although next semester I plan not to have that worry by not neglecting it at all in the first place!
So I am very content with life at the moment - tucked up in bed, in my new room, in my new house, with my awesome housemates! 


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