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( Jun. 8th, 2008 11:17 pm)
 I admit it - I am tired today about handing over more money to the sink hole that is Bond st.  First extra rent, now cleaners.  The cleaner turned out to be needed as a) neither Kim nor I have a vacuum cleaner, b) there was just too much for us to do by ourselves at this time due to exams and work and c) the real estate wants carpet cleaning and flea treatment done anyway.   Add this to the dint in my car and you have a very expensive 6 months =(
Petty to complain - yes it is but it seems I am doing it anyway.
In better news I had some birthday celebrations on saturday - the parents were here and we went to the bookfest as mentioned before were I found a lovely old copy of Pride and Prejudice (my 3rd or 4th one now I think!) which has its own box and a very cute copy of Northanger Abby which is hard bound  in green and small.  I love them =)  I now own 3 old copies of Jane Austen novels - I seem to beginning a collection.  The other is my blue bound Mansfield Park that I paid a ridiculous 25 pounds for at the Jane Austin museum - in reality it is probably worth $2 but I like it!
I also scored a set of magazine type books on the great artists - all there except number one, Van Gogh - he is MIA.  One day I might have to track him down to complete the set....
I also got a camera for my birthday - huray.  I am yet to investigate its magic completely as I am suppose to be studying (and I am - somethimes)  We had nice lunch aswell at the Gun Shop cafe (pricey but nice) and then got all cultural by going to the art gallery and museums.  Lindsay and I wanted to see the science museum but you have to pay to get in - only free culture will be had by us thank you very much.  
GOMA had many disturbing pieces which prompted my dad to conclude that artists today were all messed up.  I beg to differ in my opinion - I think too much emphasis today is placed on big, bold, shocking, loud - so much is blasted in front of our faces that a lot of subtlety has been lost from art and I guess, life.  It is sad in a way.  
Today was work again - blah.  Tomorrow there will be studying and Tuesday (here comes my worst news) I have to open the cafe.  At 7am.   I will have to leave at 6am-ish.  It will be cold and I will be very tired.  I am still firmly a night person.


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