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( Jun. 6th, 2008 10:49 am)

As always with this time of year I am hanging out for the end of exams.  It will be more exciting this time though as not only will I be half way through my course but I am just so over uni at the moment that when the end rocks around drinking and celebrating will be done.  
Oh and then house hunting and job hunting.  
Parents will be here this weekend and up until the day on which my birthday used to fall (it has been cancelled this year).  We are going to the lifeline bookfest where I will feel guilty about a) not studying and b) spending money I can not afford so that sould be fun =p  I must also schedule in cleaning and moving of the last of my stuff into Hammond's room (sigh).  Oh and going to work again - a third shift this week despite the fact I repeated several times to them I only wanted 2 shifts max.  Count them - 1, 2.  
So why I am wasting time on the internet is beyond me.....



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