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( Apr. 7th, 2008 08:23 pm)

What the Hell?  The Hakeka scale has been reversed!  Hammond is making me study and Karen has become unfocused and was staring into space instead of doing anatomy prac.  I am scared.  If I venture too far from home I am convinced fish will rain from the sky and birds will begin emerging from underground.  
I am trying to maintain a degree of normality by pretending to study - I am drawing some pictures (bones of course) and making scabulous moves but also starting to cram a few things in to my poor hurt brain.  
In other scary news I have finished an assignment 6 days early.  This beats my previous record of 5 hours.  I thought it was due today - turns out no, it is really due on Friday.  Stupidity finially works in my favour. 



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