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( Apr. 4th, 2008 02:45 pm)

Uni is totally underway again.  It feels like I never had holidays.   By this I mean I have assignments due, I am behind in anatomy and I am spending more money then I make!  This semester I have 2 subjects that will suck all my time away instead of just the one (anatomy).  Pathology makes you think hard.  Damn pathology - except I like it.  And actually I am enjoying anatomy more again now it is more bone focussed.  Skeletal system is definelty my favourite.  Except ossification centre timing - that sucks arse. 
I have been walking to uni this year as now I live a fine 30 minute stroll away instead of the 10 min walk, 30 min train ride and second 10 min walk.  I can either cut through southbank and see cute birdies or for an extra 10 mins onto the trip I can walk past all the coffee shops in west end and take the Victoria bridge across the river, instead of the Goodwill.  I do believe in winter I will take the longer option and walk with a coffee in hand =D  So I am feeling very pleased with myself and my only annoyance is that my shins hurt and I am extra hungry on walking days!  So what I save on bus fair I spend on food, hmm I'm hungry.
Other happy news is that today I had a day off - yah!  I lazed about this morning and then went to Cibo for lunch and study time.  This is definetly something that I will continue to do.  Ok, so it is expensive - today I spent like $15 there but I got a nice chunk of study done and it makes like happy to be having coffee and cafe food.  Maybe this can be my Friday afternoon thing as I only have the one lecture on fridays anyway.  Cool.



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