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( Mar. 21st, 2008 08:43 pm)
Take a deep breath in and hold it.  Ok now breathe normally.  4 weeks down and only 4 days to go  now in my last week of clinical placement.  I was totally worn out but now that I have had a day off to recover the world seems a nicer place.  I feel quite pleased with how I have gone - I have signed off on 4 things - hands, feet, knees and chests.  If you need any of those x-rayed I am your girl =)  As there are 2 more students arriving on Tuesday we are essentially being asked to find ourselves somewhere out of the general area to go so for our last week it will be one day each in CT, MRI, ultrasound and ED.  This will equal bludge I feel as most of the time we will be observing.  At least I might be rested before uni starts. 

Today and last night have been spent watching stuff - Black books here at home and at Hammond's, Dexter and Neon Gen.  I love all of the above.  Now that I have been watching a little bit of Anime I want more =D  I could easily slip into fandom again and I kind of really want to go to Supernova - I would buy.  That might be bad.  I also keep looking at - anime stuff for reasonable prices.  I want more money please.  

Tomorrow I have to work but that is ok because there will be public holiday rates - yah!  If this is double time (please please please) I won't even loose a days pay for the Sunday I will have off.  Over all Easter is turning out to be all good.  So now I am going to watch more Black Books =)


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