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( Feb. 25th, 2008 10:12 pm)
Well today was my first at Logan Hospital and in honour of the occasion my cousin Jacky has fallen and needs an x-ray on her foot.  Yah - interesting =)  Unfortunetly she lives in Gladstone so will be seeing none of her sore foot around these parts.  
But yes, I have completed my first day of clinical for 2nd year.  I am with another student this time which is great because during our introductory talk where the supervisor was telling us he expected us to take x-rays - by our selves(.....??!) - I was sitting there ever so quietly freaking out.  It then turned out I was not alone - Amy was feeling the same way.  I don't know how to take a bloody x-ray!  I've done a year of uni where we played around with bits of people stuck in plaster molds.  And that was like 3 months ago - I don't remember the finer details, like centering point and you know what projections show what.  No, sir I can not take that elbow for you - I bearly remember how to move the machine.  Ok, so it wasn't that bad, although I love and cherish supervision - please don't leave me qualified person.
In macarbe news - I found the most interesting x-rays performed were on a dead neonate.  I wasn't allowed to see what the radiographer was doing but I got to see the x-rays on the computer.  You could see what bones had started to form.  
Ok I have to get some sleep now as I won't have any catch up days if I get too tired and I want to be fresh so my poor brain will retain al the information I am trying to force into it. 


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