But hopefully my own mind is stronger and I will not develope the sudden need to get my tits out and scream abuse at others I do not find to my liking.  So far all appears to be ok.....
Huzzah, I have been to the Big Day Out and it was 99% fantastic.  This is a result I am very happy with - the minus 1% is for the Rage Against the Machine fans who are drunken revolting pigs.  I love Rage but I did not love the hoards of obnoxious sub-people they unfortunetly seem to attract.  I really wanted to see them but I was not enjoying being stuck in between a bunch of shirtless, sweaty and smelly guys screaming the lyrics.  I could not see the band at all and could not hear a great deal either.  This to me was not seeing a live act - it was hearing some distant music in an unpleasent enviroment.  So we went to see Paul Kelly - he was really good.
Augie March were all kinds of awesome.  I love Augie March now more then ever and will be going to all the concerts of their's that I can.  Cut off your hands were also better then I imagined.  The whole day was pretty fantastic with only that slight hitch.  
And today I feel tiredness that is expected of me =)


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