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( Jan. 20th, 2008 12:04 am)

Hey hey, it is officially the Big Day Out Day.  I will of course be starting today by going to bed so I can sleep before attending the many great bands.  Our orderly departure has been slightly disturbed but hopefully not broken.  We begin by picking Hammond up at 9am - sharp Hammond, sharp.  Be prepared.  Weeesss-llley.
We will then be driving to the Gold Coast, arriving on time and being well hydrated =)  I have no time table for the day but will be keeping my eye out for the bands I really want to see - those being Augie March, Faker and Rage Against the Machine.  Rage will be particularly exciting because they are one of the bands that I thought I would never get to see - and now I will.  Awesome.
The only sad news in my life at the moment is that while I was able to obtain butleron's (from clone high) voice say "weeeesss-llley" on my phone I am unable to set it as my message alert.  This is a sad event indeed.



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