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( Jan. 11th, 2008 12:10 am)
 Ah-ha 2008 has arrived and I have a whole new-ish life to match =)  I have said my good byes to the cats in Sunnybank Hills, that is moved out of my Aunt's place and into a share house in West End, where I have said hello to three West End kitties.  I feel so grown up now - I have my own little place in the world.  It even has a chair.  A red chair =D  And the internet.  This I guess this leaves me with out excuses as to why I do not update...
Although I could plead being over worked.  I have been doing full time at the cafe as we are down a staff member which is actually good for the state of my net worth, but alas I am uni student and thus disgruntled at regular work hours.  
In other news I have a pretty new fish which is under the watchful eyes of Jangles as I type.  (Jangles = cat)  He wishes nothing more in his life then to eat the fish.  Sawyer ( = another cat) also sees the fish as dinner.  The poor little thing is going to traumatised.  I have to make a special effort to remember to keep the fish on top of the cupboard when I am not in the room.  I just hope the cats don't learn how to jump that high. I pretty sure Jangles is contemplating how to do this right now...

I am currently stuck under Nami.  I tried to give her the whole red chair  to herself but she knows my desk chair is hers and if I want to sit on it, then I will have to be then sat on.   


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